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Vintage Balinese  Kamasan Art Textile Painting  BATUAN ?


Vintage pair of original Balinese paintings Asian art Bali


Antique Mid Century Asia Indonesian Balinese Bali Garden Chickens Temple Dragons


Magic Bali Mushroom Parasite Wood Carving Balinese Art Sculpture hand carved


Enlightened Buddha Mask Statue Hand Carved Wood Wall art Balinese Art Blue


ANTIQUE Balinese Bali Ida Bagus Made Gianyar painting of Father


Balinese Mermaid Wall Art Sculpture Panel Bali architectural Hand Carved Wood


Dragon & Crescent Moon Wall Art Plaque Panel Hand Carved Balinese Wood carving


Teaching Buddha Mandala Wall art sculpture Relief Panel Balinese wood carving


Balinese Nude Women Statue Sculpture Abstract hand carved wood Mas Bali Art


Balinese Twin Fish Wall art Panel Architectural Relief Hand Carved Wood red


Rama Sita High Relief Wall sculpture Panel Hand carved wood Balinese art


Saraswati Goddess watercolor Painting Balinese Art Carved wood frame Bali


Balinese Rama Sita Sculpture Hand Carved Frangipani Wood Root Ramayana Bali art


Balinese Sisters Mask Hand Carved Wood Bali Wall Art sculpture Signed Tresna


Balinese Painting "Getting Together in the Jungle" Awesome! (31"W x 23"H)


Balinese Mother Baby Mask Wall Hanging Sculpture Hand Carved wood Bali art


Balinese Original Painting "Birds in Bamboo" Incredible! (27" H x 35" W")


Balinese Painting "Two Cockatoos in a Tree" Outstanding! (31"W x 23"H)


Balinese Painting "Parrots together " Beautiful! (31"W x 23"H)


Balinese Original Painting "Cockatoos Having Fun" Awesome (17" H x 25" W")


Balinese Original Painting "Parrots in the Bamboo" Superb! (31" H x 23" W)


Balinese Original Painting "Starling Family" Large Size (25" High x 43" Wide)


Balinese Original Painting "Sparrows Together" Cheerful (23" H x 15" W")


Balinese Painting "Starlings & Sparrows" Fantastic! (29" High x 51.5 Wide)


Balinese Painting "Cockatoos & Sparrows in the Jungle" (53.5" W x 33.5" H)


Balinese Original Painting "Starlings Having Fun" Fantastic! (23" H x 18" W")


Vintage Original Balinese folk art painting village dancing people scene


Balinese Original Painting "Birds of a Feather" Large Size (25" H x 43" W)


Balinese Original Painting "Balinese Starlings" Wonderful! (23" H x 43" W")


Balinese Original Painting "Sparows in the Trees" Incredible! (37" H x 28" W)


Balinese Painting "Having Fun Together" Incredible! (54" Wide x 33" High)


Balinese Painting "Starlings in a Coconut Palm" Awesome! (34" High x 51 Wide)


Balinese Painting "Sparrows in the Bamboo" Incredible! (33" High x 53" Wide)


Balinese Original Painting "Birds of a Feather" Fantastic! (27" H x 34" W")


Balinese Original Painting "Cockatoo Lovers" Monotone (15" High x 23" Wide)


Balinese Original Painting "Couples in the Jungle" Grand Size (28.5" H x 50"W)


"Enormous" Original Balinese Painting titled "Tropical Rainforest" (90"W x 48"H)


Balinese Painting "Starlings with their Friends" Incredible! (33" H x 52.5" W)


Balinese Painting "Birds in the Jungle" Outstanding! (46.75" Wide x 29.5" High)


Balinese Artist I Made Budi Watercolor of Village Scene 12" x 8" Indonesia


Balinese Painting "Cockatoos & Bluebirds in the Jungle" COLOSSAL 43.5" h x 74" w